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The Transportation Climate Action Group will reduce emissions associated with transportation by electrifying the entire fleet of university vehicles and promoting alternatives for commuters such as walking, biking, public transit, and electric vehicles.
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Executive Director, Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center
Vice President, Business Services, Rutgers IP&O
Henry Velez

Dunbar Birnie, Professor, School of Engineering, RU–NB

Stephanie Brody, Student, School of Environmental & Biological Science, RU–NB

Erin Cuomo, Assistant Vice President- IP&O Business Services - Budget & Accounting

Rolando Feliz, Director - IP&O Business Services - Parking

Greg Gamble, Director Economic Development,Camden Chancellor's Office

William Gause, Senior Associate Dean for Research, New Jersey Medical School

David Haines, Director, IP&O Material and Logistical Services

Paul Hammond, Assistant Vice Chancellor, VP Academic Affairs

Peter Jin, Associate Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering

John Karakoglou, Director - IP&O Business Services - Transportation Services

Georgia Kyrifides, Director of Operations - Robert Wood Johnson

Bill McCarthy, Dean, School of Criminal Justice

Heather Mitchell, Law School Technical Services Librarian

Ian Murphy, Graduate Student, Edward J. Bloustein School

Robert Noland, Distinguished Professor CY, BSPPP-Dean's Office

Bill O'Brien, Assistant Vice President - IP&O Business Services & Auxliary Services

Shante Palmer, Vice Chancellor Newark

Michael Petti, Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff - New jersey Medical School Dean's Office

Kelcie Ralph, Assoc Professor ACD YR, BSPPP-Dean's Office

Domenick Rizzo, Assistant Director - IP&O Business Services - Transportation Services

Monica Roth, Professor, Robert Wood Johnson-Pharmacology

Michael Smart, Assoc Professor ACD YR, BSPPP-Dean's Office

Barry Sopher, Director, Laboratory for Economic Behavior, Institutions and Design

Jennifer Sousa, Sr. Dept Administrator, IP&O Business Services

Jennifer Stuart, Director, IP&O Planning Dev & Design

Clayton Walton, Director Newark Office of Global Initiatives

Wenwen Zhang, Asst Professor ACD YR, BSPPP-Dean's Office

electric Ford van


  • Reduce direct (Scope 1) emissions from the university fleet by at least 20% by 2030 and 100% by 2040.
    • Electrify university fleet
  • Reduce indirect (Scope 3) emissions associated with commuting by at least 30% by 2030
    • Create safe bicycle and pedestrian friendly infrastructure
    • Facilitate EV adoption
    • Explore subsidies for public transit
    • Study parking cash-out options

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