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The Land Use and Building Design Climate Action Group will adopt climate friendly construction and energy standards for new buildings, decommission buildings not suitable for energy retrofits, and adopt land use and construction practices that sequester carbon.
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Laura Berman
Assistant Vice President and Assistant University Architect, Rutgers IP&O
Laura Berman
Frank Wong
Assistant Vice President, Planning, Development, and Design, Rutgers IP&O
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Brian Clemson, University Landscape Architect, Rutgers IP&O
Robert Gale, Senior Design Engineer
Jason Grabosky, Professor in Urban Forestry, RU-NB
Mike Kornitas, Director of Sustainability and Energy, Rutgers IP&O
Richard Lathrop, Director, Grant F. Walton Center for Remote Sensing & Spatial Analysis; Director, Rutgers Ecological Preserve; Professor of Environmental Monitoring, RU-NB
Seth Richter, Project Manager, Rutgers IP&O
Elana Saltzman, Assistant Director of Design, Rutgers IP&O
Shean Wang, Assistant Director of Construction Technology, Rutgers IP&O

Pollinator Plots


  • Integrate climate action goals into University planning and design processes
    • Adopt new construction and energy standards for buildings
    • Decommission old, inefficient buildings
    • Follow the planning principles and sustainability framework embodied in the University Physical Master Plan – Rutgers 2030
  • Expand carbon sequestration in campus lands, building materials, and peer-verified, Rutgers-managed off-campus projects by at least 2000 tons by 2030 and more thereafter.
    • Expand no-mow/eco-mow zones and convert lawn to trees on university grounds
    • Afforest “vacant” university-owned land and adopt enhanced forest management practices
    • Implement “on-site” carbon offset projects
    • Develop a low-carbon construction materials policy