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The Energy and Buildings Climate Action Group will measure and reduce emissions associated with existing buildings and facilities, and work to produce and procure renewable energy to run the Rutgers campuses.
Livi Solar Farm

Rutgers has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2040 and carbon-negative -- removing more greenhouse gases than we are putting into the atmosphere -- no later than the university's 275th anniversary in 2041. Monitoring and reporting Rutgers’ energy use is a key step in ensuring that we are on track to meeting this goal. This dashboard is the first in a series of sustainability dashboards that will be developed and illustrates the progress made by the Energy & Buildings Climate Action Group.

In addition to tracking our progress to goal, we invite Rutgers community members to download and use these data as research and learning tools.

Explore the Dashboard Here


Director of Sustainability and Energy, Rutgers IP&O
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Laura Berman, Assistant Vice President and Assistant University Architect, Rutgers IP&O
Theodore Elonis, Senior Director, Plants & Distribution, Rutgers IP&O
John Fritzen, Director, Facilities and Renovations, Rutgers IP&O
Christopher Hack, Director, Facilities Contract Services, Rutgers IP&O
Mohsen Jafari, Professor and Department Chair, Industrial and Systems Engineering, School of Engineering, RU-NB
Mark Rodgers, Assistant Professor, Rutgers Business School
Glenn Vliet, Senior Director, Utilities Operations, Rutgers IP&O

Old Queens


  • Reduce direct (Scope 1) emissions associated with building facilities at least 20% by 2030.
    • Retrofit less efficient buildings
    • Install metering, monitoring and control systems
  • Eliminate emissions associated with electricity purchased off the grid (Scope 2) by 2030.
    • Expand on-campus solar generation
    • Procure off-campus zero-carbon electricity
  • Eliminate direct (Scope 1) emissions associated with facilities by 2040.
    • Phase out fossil natural gas heating and co-generation